Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More pics

Sri Lankan Locals stoked with stickers!!

Mean Tonkatsu!!

My last meal in Japan!

The Boss Korotsuke!

I got all these Puchho from a game center at Shonan.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

More pics!!

What happens when u have a 6 hour busride to the airport? Someone has to go to the bathroom! Hahah! If you look closely u can see someone forgot to close the curtain! Hahaha!

I slept over my friends house in Atsugi and stopped by Murasaki Sports. I saw Nick right by the surfboard section.

I am so full from eating at one of my favorite Kaiten Sushi!

I went to TIKIZ to celebrate my friend Yasu`s Birthday! The food was awesome!

Gave all of my t-shirts away at Sri Lanka. This local guy was our room keeper and he kept on asking me for some shirts so I gave him 3 shirts. Looks stoked!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sri Lanka Final day

I ended up getting 3rd at the Sri Lanka contest. I lost to Kekoa in the Semi on a countaback. We both had 12.50 pts but he had the higher single wave.

Hikkaduwa Sunset

Here is the Tea shop where I bought plenty of Ceylon Tea. Small shop with plenty of tea!

Komodo Dragon

The final day looked like this in the morning but the waves got smaller and real inconsistent! They even had to restart my quarter final because there was no waves for the first 10 min!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sri Lanka Day 2

Ate some mean Pizza for dinner the other night! THe food in Sri Lanka has been pretty good so far.

These small cars are called tut tut. You can fit up to 3 people and if you can even bring your surfboard!

Here is my lunch! Its called devilled beef!

This is how we sleep since there is mosquitos! Pretty crazy!

Today the waves are pretty small. Its the smallest day so far. I bet Southshore must be firing today...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sri Lanka

We went to go buy some water at the convenience store right across our hotel.

I ate some french toast and super spicy curry noodle thing. The food here is pretty good but kind of spicy.

It was super humid and muggy when we got to Sri Lanka! I was on the plane for a total of 19 hours!! And then we had to take a 4 hour bus ride to the hotel!

Here is Shoroku and Akira.

Here is Ogashira and Kekoa. It seems like Ogashira is trying show Koa something. Hahah.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Finally made to Japan! Business class was awesome! I watched 3 movies and I was in Japan already. WHen I got to the hotel Spongebob was on in Japanese. Pretty funny.

After I watched Spongebob, me and Koa went to grind! All you can eat buffet! It was Ono!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

t they upgraded me to business class! Chee hoo!! See u when i get back!
Im off to Sri Lanka for the 1st contest of the Jpsa tour! Wish me luck! So far i seem to have plenty of it! They charged me 300 dollars for my boards bu

Friday, March 12, 2010

More video

Here is Marzo ripping at his home break. Looks a little hard to get in and out of the water thou...

Clay Marzo - Creator of the World from Heavy Mayo on Vimeo.

Funny Video

I found this video on HawaiianWaterShots.com and I thought this was pretty damn funny. I wish I could've rode the Super Ferry once. But now we can't...

small swell

We got some small rideable waves in town today. Its about 2 feet on the sets and its pretty fun. Its not super good but at least its better than the last week!

Yesterday I ate lunch right by Aloha Board Shop on University so after I ate lunch I decided to stop by and say Hi to Kareem and his wife. They had one of the new longboard videos I was looking for so I got it. This DVD is pretty sick! It has everything from classic longboarding to high performance longboarding and it even has some shortboarding.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiny waves

It's another day of small and windy waves. Im sure if you look around the island you could find some fun waves but I have a lot of homework to do since Im leaving for Sri Lanka next Tuesday! That means I have to turn in all of my work for that week on monday...

This is what happens when the waves are junk and you have nothing to do. You fall asleep on 3 chairs with your face down. Haha.
Stay at dhead now and its super flat and windy! Maybe 1.5 ft on the sets. Looks junk...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I've been looking for my camera the last couple days, and I've finally found it. The waves were pretty good today in town. Wasn't that good but it was better than the last week.

Went surfing with da Moke today. He probably didn't even know that I took a picture. Haha.