Monday, June 29, 2009


I got a cut on my foot during the contest so the last couple days I've been out of the water since the water is very dirty in Shonan. Today it is raining a little and a little chilly.

Here are some of the things I did when I was bored. The picture on the top is Kaito and thats me on the bottom. Hahahah!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I ended up gettin 2nd at the shizunami contest. The waves were real inconsistent and it was kind of like a contest at Queens. There was some nice small A-frame peaks but there would be only 1 or 2 that comes in every heat. So basically it was whoever catches the waves win. If you just look at the heat sheet you can tell how little waves there were since 4th place had 0 points. There were 3 interference calls in the final with me getting one of them and the other guy getting 2 of them. The one that I got was actually a double intereference. I have no idea why I got the call too but I guess that`s just how it goes... Im pretty bummed but there was nothing I could do. I only needed a 7 to win but that interference call made it impossible to win. With over 10 minutes left in the final and nothing you can do to win is pretty shitty feeling... Hopefully theres more waves at the next contest! Just want to say thanks to everybody that supported me especially Yasu and Mitsu for coming with me to the contest and putting up with my Sushi cravings! haha.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today I talked to Takako, my brother and Kelly on Skype. It was really funny because I was yelling `Kelly` and she kept on just looking at the computer. Check her face out. She looks all confused! lol!

Today I ate at my favorite Kaiten Sushi in Shonan. It`s called Kura Sushi and all the plates are only 1 dollar! And its super good!

The waves were pretty good in terms of Shonan standards. On the sets it was solid 1.5 feet and it was pretty fun in the morning. By the afternoon it was flat like a lake so I rode my single fin! It`s so much better to have a fatty board when its small like that. Seems like Hawaii is going to be firing for a long time so don`t surf too much because there is still plenty of swells on the way for the South Shore!

I was skimming through one of the Fine magazine and I saw one of my friends Nick. He was in the magazine for the G-shock Ad. Im super tired today so Im going to go sleep early! Good nite!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I leave for Japan tommorrow. The wave forecast for Japan dosen't look too good but the wave forecast for Hawaii looks awesome! Looks like it should be atleast 3 feet until July 4th or longer! That's always the case when I leave! Makes me sick! Hahaha! But it makes everybody else happy! Gotta finish packing so seee you later!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coming down...

The waves are finally coming down...(Thats for you Nick) Lol. Its still 2 feet but after having that many waves the past few weeks we are all spoiled! Tommorrow should be smaller but don't worry cause once I leave for Japan there should be waves guarantee! That's always the case.... I leave on Tuesday so knowing my luck it should be good on wednesday! Hahahaha.
Check my mom out in the picture above. She's about to wrestle with my brother! Hahahaa. Who do you think won? Lol!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still good!

The waves are still really fun everywhere on the south shore! I surfed Concession in the morning and JPSA Grand Champ Teppei was out. He was totally sitting in the wrong spot but somehow he was flying and making the sections! Pretty Sick! In the afternoon I surfed Queens and Pops. The lefts at queens was firing and it was a real good direction for Pops too! Im pretty tired so Im going to try sleep in tmrw...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Even Bigger

Surfed Concession today in the morning but it was the wrong swell direction. In the afternoon I went to queens and it was empty! Solid 3 feet with 4 foot bombs and there wasn't that many people out! After about 1 hour it got super duper crowded! But for that 1 hour it was fun.

Concession. Solid 4 feet

Baby Haleiwa going off!

Big rights

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nothing else to say...

The waves are firing! If you missed the last couple days it has been going off. Saturaday was definetly the biggest day of the year so far!

How's this A frame peak at Concessions!

Here is waikiki.

Check this wave breaking way out of queens!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Rode my new EPS board out at concessions today. The waves were smaller today but still fun. I've been riding pretty heavy boards the last couple days so when i hoped on the EPS it felt super light! After a while I got used to the weight and it felt really good! Its been a while since I've ridden an EPS so it felt real different from my usual boards.

Check out the Air brush by Gav! Sickkk! Thanks Gavin!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun waves

Surfed Queens in the early morning and it was fun till around 7am when the crowd came out. Today is Kam day so everyone is at the beach! If you go to the park good luck finding parking!

Going off!

Surfed with Mimi, Kylen, Kaito and Takako today at Ala moana Beach park and the waves were going off!

Big Rights

Concession lefts

Big lefts

Going to have waves for another week! Stoked!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

D head

Surfed D head this morning and it was really clean. The trades didn't really come up till like 1030. The waves were solid out at mansion. The sets were 4 feet with some bigger bombs once in a while. Seems like the swell is holding strong. And it should be bombing tmrw!

Quiksilver Jnr Pro

Today I surfed Queens early in the morning and the waves were pretty good. I woke up at 445 to go surf and it wasn't that crowded so it was fun.

Here is Kaito with his first professional check from surfing! He got 5th at the quiksilver jnr pro at Kewalos today. The waves were solid 4 feet and barreling. Look at his face! He's stoked! Hahaha!

D head was blown out at 4 feet.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kauai Day 7

Check out the desserts!

Plate #4

Plate #3

Plate #2

Plate #1

This was our last day on Kauai. We ended up surfing Pakalas and it was really fun. Perfect little peelers! The wind was straight offshore so it was hard to turn a little but it was perfect for nose riding. On the last day we ate the buffet at the hotel and I thought I was going to die since I ate too much. After sleeping on the bed for couple hours I was fine. But right after I ate I was in some serious pain. Hahah. I took a picture of each plate i ate. The order goes from the bottom to the top.
Also congradulation to Bonga for winning the LQS contest at Taito!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kauai Day 6

Today we woke up late since we were tired from the long day yesterday. We ended up going to the south side to surf PK's but the winds were on it so it wasnt that good. After that I headed to the east side and I surfed Kealias.

I also took this dog for a walk. His name is Haku. He is Arden's sisters dog. It's super big and super strong.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oahu Boyz to the rescue!

Today there was a truck stuck in the sand at Polihale so we decided to help him out. We were watching him for 20 minutes since we thought he would easily get it out with the nice truck he had but he couldn't get it out. He was the only guy there with 4 girls standing around. Lol. He must have been embarassed! THe guy was so pissed by the time we went to help him that his hand was all bloody! He punched the truck! I didn't do too much to help other than take this video. Hahahah! Nah I had to move our car away so he could get out. Thanks to Arden and Kimo he got out of this nasty soft sand. Check out the video! Also check out the special limited video of Da Moke taking a nap! LOL! You should've heard it live! Hahahahaahhha!

Epic Surf

THe waves were epic today at Pakalas! It was solid 3 feet and good! It wasn't the most best swell direction but it was still pretty damn good! Kimo took video of us in the afternoon so oneday I will upload on youtube. THanks Kimo!
During Lunch break we went to Barking Sands but it was too high tide so there was killer backwash! It was really hard to surf.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kauai Day 4

THe waves were ok at Pakalas. Solid 2 feet maybe some bigger sets with a little wind on it. We're going to go head up there in the morning tmrw!

How'z my breakfast?! Looks meeaaan ya? Fried Rice with Portuguese Sausage!
THats the way to start off your day!