Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kauai Day 2

This is what I eat from Breakfast! Hahaha! Check how big the strawberry is. This one was the only Brownie with the Strawberry on top and I took it! Hahahah. Lately I've been taking plenty of things. Yesterday there was a cherry wave and I dropped in on Arden and I was noseriding in the pocket the whole wave! The noseride must've been over 10 seconds long and he was just watching from the back. Hahaha! Guarantee he's going to get be back soon. Lol.

Prime rib for breakfast! Cheee hoooo!

Here's the pool side at the Hotel. Sickkkk!

The beach side is also nice. Get choke Stand Up Paddles in the Bay! We're going to go surf pretty soon. Not that much waves today but we'll see what we can find. See you later!

Kauai Day 1

Everywhere you go on Kauai you see Green!

Surfed Pakalas this afternoon and it was about 2 feet on the sets and lining up ok. It was still way better than any other day in town but I know it can get better. But the waves were still really fun today. Perfect for Longboarding! You can nose ride forever!

After we surfed we cruised at the Hotel. We are staying at the Mariott and its super sick! The pool is super big and nice! Good nite.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Im leaving for Kauai tmrw for a surf trip with Arden and Kimo. The forecast looks really good so I can't wait! It's almost 3 am and Im still not finish packing! Hahaha! I guess I'll sleep in the 15 min plane ride! Can you see how many boards im taking in the picture? Theres 2 boards in the bottom board sock. Im trying to sneak an extra board onto the plane. I hope they don't see it! Hahahah!

D head Video

We went to go shoot video couple days ago at D-head but the waves were not as good as the week before. This was the 2nd day trying my new board out. It felt pretty good for how mushy the waves were. Just want to give a big THANKS out to Dora for videoing me all the time! Thanks Dora! He just had a baby boy couple months ago. Congratulations to Dora and his family and his new baby Rain. Check his blog out over here.

Friday, May 29, 2009


D heaD this morning. We got our light trades back today. So it wasn't as clean as the last few weeks.

Here's concessions this morning. If you wait a while there's some sets. Maybe 2 feet.

D head

Surfed this morning at D head for a little while. The waves were better than yesterday but not as good as last week. Looks like the country could come up this weekend and another country swell on the same day as the south swell which comes on tuesday. So there should be waves all around the island on tuesday! Stoked! I'll be in Kauai scoring some awesome waves!

This afternoon it was more crowded so it wasn't as good as the morning but it was still fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The swell is pretty much gone now but don't worry there are more swells next week! Probably around tuesday or so....

I got a new board this week and it works awesome! I think I might take this board to Kauai next saturaday.

Kelly VS Andy

I just got the video A Fly in the Champagne. The video is pretty sick! Its also cheaper than all the other videos and you get a 1 year free subscription to Transworld! Who do you think is better Kelly or Andy?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surf into summer

Kaito won the Surf into summer this past weekend at Bowls with Cole in 4th place. Atsushi also made the finals in the Mens division. Good job everybody!

We had a BBQ afterwards and very body was passed out on our trampoline! Hahahha.

Here's Kaito with his winning pose. LoL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D- head

The waves were good again this morning. Solid 3 feet on the sets and super glassy! Right now the tide is high but its still clean. See you in the water.

The Factory

I went down to the factory today in Whitmore to check out my boards. Everytime I go in there I always look at this picture. Its an article about China's contest in 1999.

Check out the boys 15-19 result. Kekoa winning it with Keegan in 2nd and Kai in 3rd. My good friend Pat was also in the final. Seems like it final now days. Must be pretty wierd still compeing against the same people 10 years later. Hahaha. Check out Kekoa's blog here

The factory always has plenty of boards in there. Check them out at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good again!

Waves are good again today at Dhead. Solid 3 feet on the sets but the swell is slowly dropping. It was a little more crowded than yesterday but not too bad. I ended up surfing 4 times yesterday cause the waves were epic! I feel like Im becoming more and more like my brother(Surf Bum). Hahahahah.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good waves

Woke up this morning and headed toward Dhead. When I pulled up it was 3 feet and not that many people out! I don't know where everyone was this morning but the waves were real good! Right now there's a little chop at Dhead but still pretty clean. Concession looks pretty good too. Solid 2 feet on the sets and clean. See you in the water!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

D head

About 1-3 feet ad Dhead with Semiclean conditons?

Do you recognize this person? He's the one that catches all the waves out there! Hahahha!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer time!

Surfed Dhead and concessions today. The waves were solid 2 feet and real fun. Today was my last final so I am officially on summer break! Time to surf!

Kelly crusin...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Board

I got my new board the other day and I've been riding it the last couple days. This board is the first board with the new machine so there is some adjustment we have to make. I only have 1 more day till summer so I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Small waves

The waves are little small today. Its about 2 feet on the sets maybe a bigger set once in a while. I got 2 more finals left so its time to study.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alaia Board

Today I went to Chuns to try the Alaia board that we carved in my History of Surfing class. The waves were only 1 foot but it was real fun. The waves were real small so I couldn't really turn the board but I caught some good ones. I also got to try a Koa board which was 85 pounds! The board was so nice that I didn't want to ride it. Hahaha. That board must've been worth thousands of dollars. I can't believe I rode it! The boards have no rocker so every take off was a little hard. There was a surf tech demo going on too so we got to try all kinds of boards so it was fun. I hope I can ride it again some day...

We ate Pizza last night. We never really eat Pizza at home so when we get to we're stoked!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Pretty small day today in town. It came up a little but it is real inconsistent. May be 2 feet on the sets. Should come up a little more tmrw into sunday. I got finals next week so I have to start studying!

Monday, May 4, 2009

BBQ Party

Thanks Mitsu for the awesome BBQ Party! Everything was good! Lets BBQ again this summer!

Here is Gavin's son Riku. He was active all day playing on the trampoline with all the other kids.

Here is all the kids jumping on the trampoline. Actually we are missing one of them...

There he is...We found him! Hahaha.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to Normal

Freddy P won the 6 star QS contest at trestles. He was ripping the whole contest and he took out some big names too. Congradulations Fred!

Here is today's Concessions. I surfed for about 1 hour but it wasn't as good as the last couple days so it wasn't that good. It was about 2 feet on the biggest sets and clean.

I went to Basil's Art show yesterday at Blue Hawaii and it was pretty sick! There was some crazy and creative pictures! Here's Basil's new slippah company called SUSU. All of them were Sick! Should be coming out pretty soon so keep an eye out at your local stores!

I was skimming thru a shortboard mag in Japan and I saw a pic of myself in it. It was an advertisement for my wetsuit sponsor World Force. The funny thing is I don't even know when they took this picture so I don't know how they got it in the advertisement. Haha.

Check this slippah out! Please don't steal these!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Awesome waves

The waves have been really good the last few days. If you haven't surfed you're missing out! Haha. I've been riding my shortboard at D-head and my longboard at Concessions. Nothing really much to write since all I've been doing is Surf, Surf, and a little bit of school! Got finals coming up so hopefully the waves are junk next week. There might be a small 1-2ft south swell next weekend but thats about it. Maybe toward the end of finals week might be good. Keep on praying! See you in the water!