Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stay Home

The waves are super crappy in town today. About 1 foot and super windy! Don't Bother heading to the beach unless you have absolutley nothing to do. I got bunch of homework to do so Im not going to surf today. See ya!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who's the best?

Kylen 16

Kaito 14

Cole 14

Who surf's the best?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Genki Sushi

I went to eat Genki Sushi yesterday at Ala Moana. It has been a long time since I ate there. Last time I ate there it wasn't that good but this time, it was pretty good. After that I went to go watch 2 movies. I watched Pink Panther and Taken. After the first movie we wanted to see another one so we just sneaked in. Haha. They were both good but Pink Panther was kind of predictable. Taken was unpredictable and exciting. Today it was super windy so I didn't even bother going to the beach. Tommorow for sure.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ned Snow

Check out my friends website
Ned is a good friend of mine and he is the one that triggered me into longboarding.
We used to always shortboard at D-head, but one day he started longboarding and he was doing the samething he does on a shortboard, on a longboard! So I thought to myself, why not start longboarding?!
Ned is doing the samething on his longboard and catching double the waves! Eversince that day, I ordered my first longboard and I was hooked. Eventhough I couldnt do the samething he was doing, just catching the waves to shore was fun! Haha! Not only did Ned hook me up on longboarding, he also taught me everything I know about longboarding including contest strategies and all sorts of things!
He was the first one to take me to the North Shore. I still remember that day! It was 2-4ft at Chuns Reef and kind of windy. It was a good direction and not crowded at all(rare these days...) so it was really fun. After that we stopped by Stortos and ate my first Sandwich. Haha. I know its hard to believe but my first sandwich was from Stortos!
As you can see I owe Ned a lot. He's one of the mellowest guy around so if you ever see him just tell watsup. Check out his website.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is pretty small at D-head. About 2 feet on the sets and semi clean. No surfing for me today. I have bunch of homework to catch up on.

I had my History of Surfing Class at KCC today. The class is so fun and cruise. Everybody brings food and we have the market there every Saturday morning so we can buy all kinds of food. We've had plenty of assignments to do since its a writing intensive class but no one in the class has really done any! Haha. Everybody in the class is just on cruise mode.

Here's a picture of some of my classmates trying to shape a Alaia Board from a Rock. It's actually really hard to shape a wooden board with no tools. I have no idea how they did it back in the days....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here's a picture of my brother right before he left for his first surf contest in an outer island. He is going to Kauai for the NSSA Contest at Pine trees. Its like 45 minutes before he leaves and he still didn't know what boards to bring, and he didn't even have a board bag! Luckily we found an old one in the garage. Then he asks me "What kind fin should I put on it?" That must've been the stupidest question ever. He's the rider! How should I know! Guarantee he forgot something at home. Haha.

The waves are super flat today in town. Even D-head was like a lake so I didnt surf. I have too many things to do so decided not to surf today. Hopefully tommorow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The waves are smaller today at D-head. Almost 3 feet on the sets but kind of mushy. Lately the evenings have been good so it might get better. I had a Midterm today for my Global Environmental Science class. I have a feeling I did ok but im not too sure. Atleast I answered all the problems...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Lazy Brother part 2

Here's my Lazy Brother again having Mimi do his homework. But this time it was a group project and it was worth half of his grade. His group must've known he was lazy because they assigned him the Bibliography. And he still needed help. Atleast this time he's awake instead of sleeping. Haha.

The waves were fun again at D-head today. 3 feet on the sets and not too crowded.

My Dad was home today so we had Sushi for dinner today. Even though my Dad is a Sushi chief we dont get to eat Sushi too often so when we do get to eat it, we eat a lot!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Waves were pretty good again this evening at D-head. Solid 3 feet on the sets and lining up good. Today was a really long day for me. Woke up and went hiking up Koko head, then went surfing, then helped Mitsu move into his new house, then surfed again, and now Im doing my homework. Haha. My new computer is working great but Im getting distracted by it so Im not getting any work done. lol.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The waves were fun at D-head today. Everybody from Concessions was out. Dan, Kimo, Toby, the Goon squad, and more. It was solid 3 feet on the sets and really good. Looks like tommorrow is going to still be windy so hopefully the waves stay there too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alaia surfboards

Today I had my History of Surfing class at KCC. We started carving some ancient Alaia boards. In the beginning we were using hand tools and it was a lot of work. Toward the end we brought out the chain saw and it was a lot faster. Looks like we are going to be carving boards in class for the next couple weeks.

Surfed D-head the last couple days and it was real fun. Its super windy but I like it like that. Haha. I rode my magic Akule board from Mitsu. Its a 5'5 stub and it works really good everywhere, espically at D-head.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Windy...

Paddled out at 6pm today at D-head. The waves were about 3 feet on the sets but the tradewinds came back. Tommorrow should be a windy day so hopefully some wind swell comes in.
Right now Im driving Mitsu's car because he is moving in to his new house. The picture above is his new house. Its a 3 bedroom house with a huge back yard. Its probably like 5 times bigger than his old house! Check out his blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun waves

The waves were really fun again at D-head today. I surfed around 12 and it was clean and uncrowded. Im working at Drift today so come stop by next time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The waves were really good at D-head today! When I paddled out it was solid 3 feet and lining up real good. By the time I went in it was barely 3 feet and more inconsistent. In the afternoon I was working at Drift but I heard the waves were fun so I dug out and went to Concessions. Concessions wasn't as nearly as good as D-head so I caught couple waves and went back to Drift. I have choke homework today so it looks like its going to be a long night...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's waves

The waves are pretty small today but still rideable. ABout 1-2feet at d-head but pretty crowded and inconsistent. We have light south winds right now but expect some strong tradewinds later this week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My LAZY brother

Today D-head was like 2 feet but not that good. It was windy, small and crowded!

Here's a picture of a pig on top of someone's car! They were driving in kaimuki and everyone was looking at it. I wonder where they caught it?!

This is my lazy brother not doing his homework. Everytime he hads a hard assignment he calls Mimi up and tells her to do it. The worst problem is that my parents allow it!!!!! Something is wrong with this picture!! Makes me angry. Next time you see my brother don't give him waves and tell him go do his homework!

New member to the family

A big CONGRADULATION goes out to Brice and Jalene for adding a new member to their family! They had a baby girl last night! They are not 100% sure on their first name but seems like her middle name is Sayuri. Is she going to be a surfer girl? What do you think? Check out Brice's Blog at
Today I surfed D-head and it was pretty fun. Almost 3 feet on the sets but little mushy. The outside was junk but the inside had a nice bowl to it. Town came down a lot from yesterday but I heard it wasn't as crowded either. Pro Bowl tommorrow!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

came up a little more...

It came up a little more today. It was solid 2 feet may be a 2 in a half foot set once in awhile. It was really inconsistent and really low tide today. Can you see who's riding that wave in the picture above?

Town came up a little....

Get small Kind waves in town today. It was like almost 2 feet on the sets. I have my first round of midterms this week so Im pretty busy...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The waves were flat as it can be in town today but it was super clean.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's waves

Its flat today in town. Its not even rideable at Ala Moana. D-head is like 1 foot and windy. THe country is starting to rise now and it should be solid 5 feet by end of the day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

What an exciting 4th quarter! Didn't really care for the 2 teams but I was cheering for the cardinals since the Steelers have enough super bowl wins. The waves were flat today so all I did was watch the super bowl and do my homework. Hope everyone had a great Super Bowl.