Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good waves, good food, Awesome day!

Today the waves were really fun in Shonan. It was like 1 foot in the morning but in the afternoon it was like 3 feet on the big sets (Mostly solid 2 footers). I ended up surfing 3 times today. The waves were not as good as Hawaii but it was the best waves I caught in Shonan this summer. Last night I went to eat good sushi with Mitz from Drift Surf. Tommorrow Im off to ibaragi for my contest. It looks like theres going to be some waves but its probabaly going to be really onshore. Right now its storming in Shonan. Theres lightning everywhere with super loud thunder...

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Anonymous said...

nice pics... especially the "melt-in-your-mouth sushi"!! yummy!!! watch out for lightning!

have a great day in ibaragi.


surf in town is small, inconsistent and very, very crowded!!! :( (arden not too happy)
hope it's bigger tomorrow! :)