Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday Party

Yesterday I woke up early in the morning to surf D-head. It was about 2 feet and pretty clean. I surfed about 2 hours and then I went to school. After school I went to a Birthday party at Fook Yuen. It was the 10th birthday party for the son of a famous wrestler in Japan named Sasaki Kennsuke. And his sons name is Kennosuke. Also his mom was also a famous wrestler so you would think that their sons would be kind of aggressive. It was really funny because he was really shy especially infront of a camera. After the party I went home and studied for a midterm that I took today.

The Midterm today was really ridiculous because the teacher makes like a 2 hour long test when we only have 50 minutes. And to make it even worse the teacher came totally unprepared and there was like 5 minutes left and we only had like half the test. As a class we were really upset so we just decided that we should all not take the test and we all left the class. It was really funny because that was my first time that we actually overtook the teacher. Its going to be a interesting day on monday.

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