Monday, February 23, 2009

Ned Snow

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Ned is a good friend of mine and he is the one that triggered me into longboarding.
We used to always shortboard at D-head, but one day he started longboarding and he was doing the samething he does on a shortboard, on a longboard! So I thought to myself, why not start longboarding?!
Ned is doing the samething on his longboard and catching double the waves! Eversince that day, I ordered my first longboard and I was hooked. Eventhough I couldnt do the samething he was doing, just catching the waves to shore was fun! Haha! Not only did Ned hook me up on longboarding, he also taught me everything I know about longboarding including contest strategies and all sorts of things!
He was the first one to take me to the North Shore. I still remember that day! It was 2-4ft at Chuns Reef and kind of windy. It was a good direction and not crowded at all(rare these days...) so it was really fun. After that we stopped by Stortos and ate my first Sandwich. Haha. I know its hard to believe but my first sandwich was from Stortos!
As you can see I owe Ned a lot. He's one of the mellowest guy around so if you ever see him just tell watsup. Check out his website.

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