Friday, March 13, 2009

Today's D-head was super flat and super cold! I decided to go play tennis instead. Looks like there is going to be bunch of unstable weather and light south wind days next week.

Today I got a shipment from California. When I opened it, all I saw was bunch of wax! Stoked! The wax is called Duck Divers Surf Wax and it is real sticky and a little tacky. They don't currently sell it on Oahu but they sell a bunch on Maui and Japan.

This is the board I've been lately riding. I only rode it a couple times but it works really good in all conditions. This Blank was custom made by my shaper Mitsu! It's a EPS board with Mitsu's Original blank. The board is super light and the flex is good with the semi parabolic stringers.

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