Sunday, November 22, 2009

Japanese 307

Last week in my Japanese Class we were supposed to sing the song 'Oh my Darling' Japan 307 style. Here are the lyrics.
Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Te is such a crazy form
み、に、び、 are changed to んで 
い、ち、り to って
き to いて、し to して
Now I Know my te-form. 

Check out the teacher recording our grades!! So if you thought High School was hard just wait till you go to college! They grade you on your singing. Hahahah!

Another Choice we had was to sing 'Oh Christmas Tree' Japanese 307 style. The video above is the teacher singing this song. Here are the lyrics.
Oh, む、ぬ、ぶ、Oh, む、ぬ、ぶ
む、ぬ、ぶ、 to んで!
Oh, う、つ、る、Oh,う、つ、る
う、つ、る、 to って!
く to いて、ぐ to いで、 す To して、 and きて、して
Oh, む、ぬ、ぶ、Oh, む、ぬ、ぶ
む、ぬ、ぶ、 to んで!

Unfortunately I didn't get a video of myself singing it. The reason is that when I showed up to class the teacher says 'Lets get started with our singing. Does anybody want to volunteer to go first?' Of course NO ONE volunteered. Then the teacher says 'じゃ Genkiさん どうぞ!’ Which means Go ahead Genki. I responded with a 'Are you serious?!' and she said yes. So as you can see I had no time setting my camera to video myself. Hahaha.
By the way, I had to do a 2 times because I got the lyrics wrong on my last sentence!!! What a embarrassing day!  

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