Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thanks to the Tsunami warning we scored super fun waves at Dhead with only 3 guys out! It was good till 4pm when 100 guys paddled out.

Everybody checking out the Tsunami at Dhead. Too bad you could barely see it. But it was pretty cool watching the waves. All of a sudden it would be dry reef at lighthouse and 10 minutes later its super high tide.

Went to Donquijote in the morning to grab some food and drinks and it was packed!!! Once I got there I had Taco stand in line while I grabbed all the food and drinks. The line was all the way back about 200 ft. Crazy!

You can really see how lowtide it got before the Tsunami

You can see its all high tide after the Tsunami. All this change in matter of 10 minutes! We got lucky this time but its better safe than sorry.

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