Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd place

I ended up getting 2nd place at the Chikura contest this past weekend. It was definitely one of the most exciting finals for the people that were watching. In the last 5 minutes I needed a 7.61 but I got a 7.46. One big mistake I made on that wave was that I fell down on my board when I was just doing a small setup turn. Don't ask me how I could fall doing nothing. I don't even know why I fell! That fall probably costed me the contest... And then with 5 seconds left a set shows up right infront me and I surf it pretty good but I come up short with a 7.25 It was definitely a heavy final! You had to be there to experience it! I guess these are the things you won't understand when you just see the heat scores.

Here is a video of a 20min session at Chikura. These are the waves we have to surf in Japan everyday! Lucky all of you stay in Hawaii! I'm over here for 1 month...
Video by Luri


Takeshi said...

I took a movie of your last riding of the final.
Soooooooooooooo coooooooooool!!!!
Please check it up!

GenkiSushi said...

Thanks Takeshi for Always Videoing! Mahalo!!