Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back Home (Stoked!)

Sorry I haven't update in a while. I was too busy surfing all day! Its been a while since I surfed waves bigger than ankle high. Today I went surfing at suicides around lunch time and it was super fun! It was solid 2 feet on the sets and only me and Kalei's Dad out. I tried a new eps board out there today and it worked really good. This is my first eps board I've ever rode and so far, i really like it. It's actually Mitsu personal board but it works really good so he's letting me hold on to it. Thanks Mitsu! In the afternoon I went surfing with my friend Mika at Diamondhead. The waves were again pretty fun and it wasn't crowded. I also got a new driver today from Mika's Papa Min san. Thank You so much! I was really looking for a driver because the driver I have sucks. I know atleast half the problem with my golf game is me, but it helps having good equipment too. Same with surfing... No matter how good you are if you dont have the right equipment its hard to get going. After being in Japan for 6 weeks, I've finally realized how special Hawaii is. So Stoked to be back Home!

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