Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yogurt Land

Today I went to Yogurt Land with my friend Mika. They have all kinds of flavors like Strawberry, healthbar (Not good), Peach, Pinneapple, and a lot more. They always try to change the flavors every couple days so you don't get sick of it. Also they have all kinds of toppings so you can put whatever you want. Yogurt Land is located right by UH where Volcanoe Joes used to be. Since its right by UH there are a lot of college students and its always crowded. If you're looking for a little snack go check it out!
Other than that, I also went surfing at D-head. In the morning it was 3 feet on the sets and lining up pretty good. In the afternoon it was like 2 feet and I ended up trying a new board. This board is completly different from what I usually ride because the foam is different and it is 100% hand shaped by Mitsu. The foam is called Ice 9 and its made out of sugar and other environment friendly material. So far, I 've been in Hawaii for like 4 days and the waves have been really fun. Good to be home!

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