Friday, September 26, 2008

Tiny Waves

Im finally done with midterms for this month so I've been surfing lately but the waves have been so small. September started off with one of the biggest south swells of the summer but now it seems like summer south swells are finally over. Looks pretty flat for rest of this month. Hopefully we get some swells in october... This weekend shouldnt be smaller than the last couple days so it should be rideable in town. Country looks like there is going to be a pretty good North Swell coming in mid next week. I start midterms in like 2 weeks again so I hope the waves get good soon. Lately I've been riding a new eps board shaped by mitsu. Its not extremely light but its lighter than what I usually ride so it feels better. The board definetly has more flotation so it paddles well and the lightness makes it more responsive.

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