Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miyazaki trip

This past week I went to Miyazaki for the last events of the JPSA tour. I had a lot of fun in Miyazaki but my contest results were pretty junk. I got 2nd in one contest but I lost early in the other. With 10 seconds left I had one last chance to make the heat but when I was setting up for my last manuever I digged a rail. I still made the manuever but I guess they were actually paying attention so they saw my rails dig. Haha. Now im back in school and I have plenty of work to catch up. I finally got my midterm grades for Math and CHem. I got an A in Chem and a 65 out of 100 on my math. But the average grade for the Math test was like a 55 so with the class curve I got a B on my midterm. Stoked! I have one more midterm left and I take it on friday so I can finally rest this weekend. Looks like country might be good this weekend. Not too big and the trades should be light...

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