Sunday, October 12, 2008

Steinlager Shaka Series

I had the last event for the Steinlager Shaka Series at Straightouts today. The waves were kind of weak but it was perfect for nose riding. It was about 1.5 feet with semi clean conditions. I ended up making the finals and I got 2nd place. Kai Sallas ended up winning and Rusty was in 3rd, and Erza in 4th. This year hasn't been a great year for me so I was happy just to make it to the final.
After the final I watched the ASP contest in Miyazaki on the internet. It was really cool because Kekoa won the longboard and Shibatz got 2nd in the shortboard and even made the semi's for the longboard! All of this was going on while Nick Mita was commentating so it was super funny. Also I just wanted to say thanks to Fa9 and 88 tees for giving me bunch of new t-shirts today. Gav even gave me some sick UH t-shirts. Thanks Everybody!
Midterms coming up this week so Im really busy. Also Im leaving for Japan on wednesday to compete in the final 2 events for the JPSA. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling... like UH! They won their game against LA Tech today and next week they are up against an undefeated team Boise State. Its going to be a really tough game but hopefully they won't get smashed.

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