Monday, January 26, 2009


Had the Makahiki contest this past weekend. Didn't do too well but its my fault for not waiting for the sets. I ended up losing in the third round. I had a pretty tough heat with Duane, Lance, and Dino. The 3 main guys from the DVD Local Color. The waves were flat to 4 feet. There were some very long lulls so it was pretty tough out there. Congradulations to Duane for winning the event! He was definetly the best surfer out there. He even had a perfect 10 in my heat.

After the contest I went to surf the country with the goon squad. The waves were 4 feet and it was a little crossed up.
Today the waves are pretty small in town. Maybe 2 feet at D-head if you're lucky with light side onshore winds.

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