Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Takako!

Yesterday we had a surprise Birthday Party for Takako at Todai. Everything went as planned so it was awesome! I was a little nervous that she was going to find out when we got to the Todai parking lot because if she saw someone's car then she would find out. Luckily there was a parking stall right in the front so she never found out. The food was good and the dessert was awesome! I ate so much that when I got home I weighed my self and I was 5 pounds heavier! Haha! Just wanted to say Thank You to all the people who came. Couldn't have done it without you guys! Thanks!

I got her a surfboard from Brice for her Birthday gift. Brice always does an awesome job shaping everybody's boards. Thanks Brice for the awesome shape and for rushing it out! Check out his blog at

Surfed Haubush with everybody today and it was real fun. I brought 4 longboards to test out. All of the boards ended up working good so Im even more confused on what board to bring to Japan. Haha.

I also got a package from the mail from FA NINE Japan. I got some cool things like seat covers, a sick towel and bunch of clothes and new stickers! Thanks to everybody from FA NINE for always helping me out. Can't wait to see everybody in Japan pretty soon. I leave on April 22nd.

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deki said...

having trouble choosing what boards to bring? I can tell you that the bank at Chikura is a little better than last year. lefts are better than the rights. waves are steep hollow and fast. shape maxes out at head high, with best shape in the waist to shoulder high range. lowtide is NG!