Thursday, April 23, 2009


Iam finally in Japan! THe plane ride was 8 hours but I slept for 5hours and I watched a movie so it went by too fast! The movie I watched was Marley and Me. I know this may sound stupid but I actually enjoy the plane rides to Japan. Especially when you have the whole aisle to yourself! I just slept and I was watching the movie laying down. I felt like I was in first class! Haha! Eventhough I have never been on first class. The closest I got to first class was today. I actually got to check in at the first class line! Hahaaha!
The plane ride was awesome but when I got to Chiba the waves were real small. I jumped in the water with my Full Suit and it was super cold! My hands and feet were all numb but it wasn`t as bad as last year. After I got out of the water I checked my board and I had a ding on the tail! It was all smashed up and now one side of my tail is pulled in more than the otherside. I don`t even know how I got it! So im kind of bummed that I dinged my board because I was planning to ride that board during the contest! We`re goin to try fix it tmrw morning and hopefully it still rides good. Anyways Im super tired now and Im really full because I ate 2 pieces of steak! Good nite.

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