Monday, July 27, 2009

China's Contest

This year's China's contest there was no elimination and you surf 3 rounds and the top 4 makes it to the final. I ended up missing the cut. I needed a better 3rd round but I didn't catch the right waves. Here is one of the better waves but Kai dropped in on me... I don't know whats wrong with him but before I caught this wave he told me "Don't go or else I'll break your leg!" What kind of Pro says that?! I was even more surprised when he actually tried to break my leg! Good thing I drink plenty of milk!

The PRO division was horrible but atleast the Team Challenge was fun! I was on team Drift Surf with Derek, Atsushi and Kaito. Im the only real longboarder but we won!!! Some of the other teams were stacked like Kekoa's and Scotty Fong's team but we came in first place!

Here is team Oyaji's. How could they call themselves Team Sushi without me on it! hahaha!

Kaito also won the Boys division. Check out his top 2 waves.

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