Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final at Chikura

Here's a short video of the final at Chikura. This was the first contest of the JPSA series. THe waves were about 2 feet and super offshore!!! Couldn't do anything cause the waves were super fast and offshore. check it out.


Takeshi said...

I'm Takeshi that you've met at the Shizunami contest. I think you didn't remember me.
Do you understand if it is said the friend in Jason?

I took some your riding movies.
Soooooo cool!!

Please check it out!

GenkiSushi said...

Thanks for the Video Takeshi!
Are you coming to Mabo?

Takeshi said...

Your welcome!Genki!
We're gonna to the Mabo.
See you in the Mabo!