Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alaia Board

Today I went to Chuns to try the Alaia board that we carved in my History of Surfing class. The waves were only 1 foot but it was real fun. The waves were real small so I couldn't really turn the board but I caught some good ones. I also got to try a Koa board which was 85 pounds! The board was so nice that I didn't want to ride it. Hahaha. That board must've been worth thousands of dollars. I can't believe I rode it! The boards have no rocker so every take off was a little hard. There was a surf tech demo going on too so we got to try all kinds of boards so it was fun. I hope I can ride it again some day...

We ate Pizza last night. We never really eat Pizza at home so when we get to we're stoked!

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