Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kauai Day 1

Everywhere you go on Kauai you see Green!

Surfed Pakalas this afternoon and it was about 2 feet on the sets and lining up ok. It was still way better than any other day in town but I know it can get better. But the waves were still really fun today. Perfect for Longboarding! You can nose ride forever!

After we surfed we cruised at the Hotel. We are staying at the Mariott and its super sick! The pool is super big and nice! Good nite.


deki said...

Pakalas is such a fun wave with the right swell and size. Is the bull still in the pasture? so how many boards did you have to pay for anyway?

GenkiSushi said...

I never saw the bull but last year I saw it. I payed $35 for 3 boards! Not bad... THey never saw the third one. Hahah