Sunday, June 8, 2008

contest result

I ended up getting =13th at the ASP taito event. Im a little dissapointed because I should`ve made that heat but I missed the heat winning wave. Im still pretty happy that I made it this far in my first asp event because I had one of the hardest heat draws even for the first heat too. After the contest I we went back to shonan where I am staying at my sponsors house. We went to eat some killer ramen and they made me drive there! I was a little nervous because everything is the opposite including the blinker and everything else.


Anonymous said...

ho cuz... waz choke people 2day......all loose $......only 2f.
moby stay in town 4 about 1 week.....baga waz rippin om 2... i waz trippin. i told him he should move back so he can jus surf..... bruddah was kind of killin it at big rights..... eh! sushi no foget smoke everybodys doors....... garens.... o.k. den check u out latahs...o.k. bye. cheehoooo....

Anonymous said...

cute puppy!!!
have a great time in japan and enjoy the awesome food! (yummy ramen!!!)
be safe (and drive safe!)

aloha, cat

p.s. hey, anonymous... sorry again! :) ...o.k. bye

Anonymous said...