Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NO waves

I woke up this morning, went on surfline just in time to see a solid 4 foot set rolling through the line up at bowls. Right when I saw that I lost my appetite. When is the south shore going to stop already? It make me sick... Im in Japan surfing waves as big as the Concessions trail with 300 people and Hawaii is going off with only a handful of guys. Atleast I got one thing going off in Japan, the food. Today there was no waves at all. It was flat as a lake but still it was way more crowded than a good day in Hawaii.

For lunch I went to this Ramen shop that is famous for being the most hottest ramen in shonan. Not hot as in spicy but literally hot. You seriously can`t eat it without burning your toungue. I waited five minutes but still burned my toungue. For dinner, I went to eat yakitori. Tommorrow is another flat day so I have no idea what to do.

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