Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally in Japan!

After a 8hour plane ride I am finally in Japan. This was my first time flying on JAL since I was little. When I first got on the plane I was hoping I didn`t sit next to some loud kids because I wanted to sleep. When I found my seat, i was really suprised. I sat right next to an old friend of mine named Anna. I went to the same middle school as her but I havent seen her since and I found out that we both go to UH manoa. Another person that was on the plane was a worker from my sponsor Eighty Eight Tees. What a small world! Also the plane ride was really fun because we each had our own little tv monitor and you could play video games using a controller. I played everything from connect four to space invaders.

The first day I got there I surfed at Taito but the waves were little bit too big and it was closing out. Today I surfed Taito up the point at taito and the waves were super good. It was just like Snapper rocks. The waves were super long and it was barreling perfect on the sand bar. I surfed 7 hours today and I actually got sunburned in Japan. So far I have been here only 1 full day and I already gained 7 pounds! I better stop eating or no one will notice me pretty soon. My contest is tommorrow and I have a stacked heat. I hope I make it out of my first heat.

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