Sunday, June 28, 2009


I ended up gettin 2nd at the shizunami contest. The waves were real inconsistent and it was kind of like a contest at Queens. There was some nice small A-frame peaks but there would be only 1 or 2 that comes in every heat. So basically it was whoever catches the waves win. If you just look at the heat sheet you can tell how little waves there were since 4th place had 0 points. There were 3 interference calls in the final with me getting one of them and the other guy getting 2 of them. The one that I got was actually a double intereference. I have no idea why I got the call too but I guess that`s just how it goes... Im pretty bummed but there was nothing I could do. I only needed a 7 to win but that interference call made it impossible to win. With over 10 minutes left in the final and nothing you can do to win is pretty shitty feeling... Hopefully theres more waves at the next contest! Just want to say thanks to everybody that supported me especially Yasu and Mitsu for coming with me to the contest and putting up with my Sushi cravings! haha.

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