Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today I talked to Takako, my brother and Kelly on Skype. It was really funny because I was yelling `Kelly` and she kept on just looking at the computer. Check her face out. She looks all confused! lol!

Today I ate at my favorite Kaiten Sushi in Shonan. It`s called Kura Sushi and all the plates are only 1 dollar! And its super good!

The waves were pretty good in terms of Shonan standards. On the sets it was solid 1.5 feet and it was pretty fun in the morning. By the afternoon it was flat like a lake so I rode my single fin! It`s so much better to have a fatty board when its small like that. Seems like Hawaii is going to be firing for a long time so don`t surf too much because there is still plenty of swells on the way for the South Shore!

I was skimming through one of the Fine magazine and I saw one of my friends Nick. He was in the magazine for the G-shock Ad. Im super tired today so Im going to go sleep early! Good nite!

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nick said...

haha.. WHat a dork in the yellow shirt.
Congrats Genki! One step closer to that title.