Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oahu Boyz to the rescue!

Today there was a truck stuck in the sand at Polihale so we decided to help him out. We were watching him for 20 minutes since we thought he would easily get it out with the nice truck he had but he couldn't get it out. He was the only guy there with 4 girls standing around. Lol. He must have been embarassed! THe guy was so pissed by the time we went to help him that his hand was all bloody! He punched the truck! I didn't do too much to help other than take this video. Hahahah! Nah I had to move our car away so he could get out. Thanks to Arden and Kimo he got out of this nasty soft sand. Check out the video! Also check out the special limited video of Da Moke taking a nap! LOL! You should've heard it live! Hahahahaahhha!

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