Monday, June 1, 2009

Kauai Day 2 continued...

Like Challenge?!

Surfed on the otherside of Hanalei bay today. I don't know the name of the spot but its a really fun left. Looks mushy on the picture but the wave has some power. I road my trusty Akule board from Mitsu. The board is 5'5x19 1/4 and it works awesome in all conditions. From small waves to juicier waves it works great all the time. Check his blog out here

Run girl Run!! Hahahaha! She actually got away from nature's path. Lol.

Heading towards one of the beaches. It was a super hot day today! Da Moke Power Walking. Hahahah.

Just want to Thank Arden and his family for letting us stay at the Mariott! If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be staying at this hotel for free! Thank You!

If in Doubt, Choke Donkeys Out!


deki said...

That left looks like WAIKOKOS. It's a really fun wave!

GenkiSushi said...

Is Waikokos on the left side of Hanalei Bay?

deki said...

It's the furthest left break north in the bay. It breaks in really shallow water with the inside becoming almost dry during a low tide. You park on the roadside and walk down a little slope to the water.

GenkiSushi said...

Yup thats Waikokos! Thanks for telling us name!